Malaysia’s Top 3 Catering Companies

Top 3 Catering Companies in Malaysia

Do you own a company which requires catering? If so, read on for more information about the best three catering firms that are located in Malaysia. In addition to providing amazing food, but they’ll assist you in planning your event so it runs smoothly. Whether you’re planning a special occasion or wish to impress your group of colleagues and friends, catering services can be a godsend. We’re going to give you the best tips and tricks in this post.

Life Bites Catering

Its tagline reads “Taste Larger Than Life”, Life Bites Catering is known for its innovative food. Since their school days in Subang Jaya, the founders have been best friends. The wide selection of meals was created by the two founders. Their dedication to quality service and culinary talent have made them both a delight for customers and guests alike. Life Bites Catering Malaysia has an experienced team of chefs.

This company is a full-service caterer, offering catering as well as event planning. It is proud of the quality and customer service. Established in 2006, it aims to meet or exceed the expectations of its customers with delicious food as well as their service. In addition to the numerous delicacies they provide, they’re famous for their sprinkling chocolate fondue and mouth-watering selection of desserts. They also offer tables and linens for events as well as serviettes and napkins made of paper.


More than twenty years, Amici Catering Malaysia has provided high-quality meals and excellent service to celebrations. Amici Catering Malaysia continuously strived to improve the customer experience and ensure satisfaction. By paying attention to the smallest of details, AMICI stands apart from the competitors. AMICI is extremely proud of its team of experienced event coordinators and its dependable support team.

The CEO of Amici Catering Malaysia is Willie Tan who’s name translates to “friends” in Italian. Willie Tan believes great food and good company is an integral part of a good time. The company has been recognized as the most reputable caterer by the Singapore Tatler, among other accolades. Willie Tan, despite his accounting experience, founded Amici Catering Malaysia Malaysia in 2000. He was initially only interested by business-related dollars. In the course of creating unforgettable culinary experiences, those business dollars turned into a burning passion.

Citarasa Uniq

Citarasa Uniq is a great choice for you if you require a caterer for your corporate or wedding celebration. This caterer has been operating for a long time and has maintained its reputation for weddings and corporate events. It offers Western or barbeque food along with a selection of local hawker foods such as lamb dhalca and Ayam Masak Memerah. If you are looking for the option of a buffet, they’ve got it.

UNIQ is a food delivery service that started in 1999. It serves more than three thousand Halal meals each every day. It has expanded from delivering baby full moon gift packs to catering services to industry groups and businesses all over Selangor. UNIQ is committed to providing top quality food and beautiful setups as well as friendly service for its clients. UNIQ can help you make any event successful, no matter how you want to make it.


From chafing trays with white tablecloths to Teaffani Catering’s tasty and varied menus, catering has made great strides. It was established in the year 2000 by Jerome Ong and Rachael Ang after being attracted by The Russian Tea House in New York City and the English High Tea culture. They now cater for big corporations and the family-friendly baby shower. JAKIM has certified their offerings as Halal. That means their meals will be all kosher.

Rachael, who is the co-founder of the business and its owner is a professional in the fields of media and advertising. Her experience was utilised in marketing and media to come up with the business’s customer-centric plan. The industry has been around for for seven years and has a love for food and tea. Ang is capable of catering for numerous occasions using her capital of RM50,000.


If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, consider Serai Catering Malaysia. Serai Cafe is a must. Serai Cafe is situated in the KL Life Centre and serves the variety of satay-stick choices with dip sauce. They are seasoned perfectly and creates a delicious food item. The cafe also serves vegetarian meals, like noodle soup. Visit their website to see further details about the Serai menu.

The Malaysian catering business started with serving Thai cuisine to residents in Shah Alam. By 2010, Serai Catering Malaysia had expanded to include seven locations across the Klang Valley. Najib Abdul Hamid was Qistina’s husband. Najib has been an executive chef in Australia as well as Qistina as well as Najib both have extensive resumes in this industry. Najib and Rina’s love for Thai cuisine and enthusiasm for cooking were the main aspects in the firm’s success.